Academic and Professional Skills

Term: Fall 2010- Fall 2012

University: Jacobs University Bremen, Germany

Course description:

Academic and Professional Skills (APS) was the course taught at Jacobs University Bremen in Germany to all incoming BA students of the School of Humanities and Social Sciences (SHSS). For the three years I have been involved in teaching APS, I first served as an instructor in 2010, and from 2011 I was the co-ordinator of the whole course, responsible for the syllabus, enrolling teaching assisting and helping them to prepare for teaching. Throughout the three years the course has been developed and evolved to better incorporate academic skills into the students' curriculum.



Academic Ethics: Do's and Don'ts of Academic Practice

Term: Spring 2011, Spring 2012

University: Jacobs University Bremen, Germany

Workshop description:

This was a 2.5-hour workshop provided for the 2nd and 3rd year BA students. The workshop was designed to explain some of the basic rules of academic life functioning, covering such topics as peer respect, appreciation, authorship, deception and cheating, as well as implications both for students and professors when some rules are broken. It also covered more advanced topics, associated with conducting ethically-responsible research. 

Workshop outline (pdf)


'Lost In Transition': from BA to MA

Term: Spring 2011, Fall 2011, Fall 2012

University: Jacobs University Bremen, Germany

Workshop description:

This was a 4-hour workshop, designed for 2nd and 3rd year BA students, who were considering to continue their studies by pursuing a Master degree (in Jacobs University Bremen or a different institution). This workshop dealt with the questions of transition from the BA student life and academic culture to the MA one. The whole process was covered: starting with choosing a graduate programme and planning the funding options (for example, looking for scholarships); efficiently preparing a convincing application; creating academically-geared CV and motivation/cover letters; moving and getting used to a new academic environment; getting familiar with the new academic expectations and complying with more demanding requirements; and finally, getting ready to write your Master's dissertation.

Workshop outline (pdf)


Academic Writing Workshop

Term: Spring 2016-Spring 2018

University: Uppsala University

Workshop description:

The workshop is tailored toward Master, as well as Bachelor students in their final years of studies at the Department of Sociology, Uppsala University. The main aim of the workshop is to give a brief step-by-step guidance in writing an academic paper using a practical approach. We primarily concentrate on essay writing, with specific topics covering the peculiarities of dissertation/thesis. All of the techniques and hands-on exercises are applicable to both shorter and longer academic papers. The workshop covers the essential topics necessary for a successful writing: from choosing a topic to referencing. Handouts and useful resources are provided for students for their own individual use.

Part 01: Essentials of the Writing Process

Topics covered: types of academic writing; the writing process; searching and reading literature.


Part 02: Essay Structure, Practical tips and Referencing

Topics covered: Structuring an essay and a dissertation; referencing, APA.



Other useful resources

Graham, A. A Guide to Reading and Analysing Academic Articles. (pdf)

 What makes a good research Question? Duke University (pdf)

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