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Hello! I'm Liuba, welcome to my page!

My full name is Liubov V. Borisova and I am a health sociology researcher with a PhD in Sociology (2013). More detailed information about me, including my education, experience and skills you can find in the section About me. Full list of publications is available in Publications section. Details on the courses and workshops I have taught in the past and am teaching at present are available in the Teaching section.

Current position

I am currently a researcher at the Department of Sociology in Uppsala University in Sweden. My work is primarily focused on population research and health sociology in Europe (with special focus on Central and East European countries, as well as comparisons with the West).

In collaboration with Prof. Ilkka H. Mäkinen we have been awarded a research grant (2015-present) from Swedish Research Council for the project "Relations between mortality, morbidity, functional status and subjective health in European populations"

At present I am preparing several publications for submitting to journals:

  • Mäkinen I.H., Borisova L.V. Regional population development in Russia: trajectories of change and path dependency.
  • Borisova, L.V. The changing borders of the European East-West health divide: blurring, shifting or multiplying? 
  • Borisova, L.V. ‘Being’ or ‘Feeling’ Healthy: Determinants of Objective and Subjective Health in ‘Divided’ Europe.

Research interests

  • Health issues: socio-economic determinants of health, inequality
  • Health (care) systems
  • Subjective well-being and happiness
  • Developmental issues
  • Political, social and economic development in post-communist societies


 Thank you for visiting this space, check in for updates in the future and contact me if you have any questions or comments. 

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