2009 – 2013: PhD in Sociology (field: health sociology), Bremen International Graduate School of Social Sciences (BIGSSS), Jacobs University Bremen ( in cooperation with Universität Bremen, Germany).
- Title: “European Health Divide Revisited: Health in Transition Countries and Beyond”.
- Committee: Prof. Dr. Jan Delhey (supervisor – Jacobs University Bremen, Germany); Prof. Dr. Chris Welzel (Leuphana University, Germany); Prof. Dr. Ilkka H. Mäkinen (Sodertorn University and Uppsala University, Sweden); Dr. Franziska Deutsch (Jacobs University Bremen, Germany). [TD3], [PR01]
- Defended: 27 September 2013, with distinction.

2007 – 2009: International Master in Economy, State and Society (IMESS), Economics and Business (with reference to Eastern Europe and Russia), School of Slavonic and East European Studies, University College London, United Kingdom and Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic.
- Main Subjects: Public Economics; Health Economics; Political Economy; Econometrics; Business and Governance; Economic Transformation of Central and Eastern Europe; Health Systems, Polices and Practices; Czech language (Beginners and Intermediate)
- Dissertation: “Health Systems in Transition: Priorities, Policies and Health Outcomes” supervised by H. Mad’arová. [TD2]
- Final grade: A – Distinction.

2006 – 2007: MA European Affairs (Politics), Department of Political Science, Lund University, Sweden.
- Main Subjects: European Governance; European Integration; Europe in International Politics; Political Economy.
- Dissertation: “Effects of Contiguity. The European Union and Russia: the Asymmetry of Relations” supervised by Dr. M. Jerneck. [TD1]
- Final grade: VG – Distinction.

2004–2006: Initiative on Distance Learning, Stanford Institute for International Studies, University of Stanford, CA, USA.
- Courses: International Security in a Changing World; Security, Civil Liberties and Terrorism; Major Issues in International Conflict Management; Democracy, Development and Rule of Law.

2002–2006: BA Political Science, Faculty of Applied Political Science, National Research University – Higher School of Economics (NRU-HSE), Moscow, Russia.
- Specialization: World Politics, International Relations and Geopolitics.
- Dissertation: “Turkey and the European Union: the Dynamics of Development of Relations in 2004–2006 and the Problem of Accession” (5/5) supervised by Prof. Dr. Y.I. Rubinsky.
- Average: 4.6/5.

2000–2001: Certificate of Attendance, Kennewick High School, Kennewick, WA, USA.

Degrees and formal education

28 August – 4 September 2011: Summer School “Analysis methods for cross-national comparisons”. Quantitative Methods in the Social Sciences 2 (QMSS 2). European Science Foundation. University of Leuven, Belgium.
Instructors: Professor Joop Hox (Utrecht University, the Netherlands), Professor Bart Meuleman (University of Leuven, Belgium).

2010 – 2011: BIGSSS training, Universität Bremen, Germany.
Academic Career Workshop
Demystifying the Journal Review Process
Advanced Academic Writing
Course Design Workshop

2009-2012: BIGSSS Statistical Training, Universität Bremen, Germany
Multilevel modelling
Structural equation modelling
Cross-sectional analysis
Time-series analysis

9-20 August, 2010: Essex Summer School in Social Science Data Analysis. University of Essex, UK. Courses “Pooled Time Series Cross-Sectional Analysis” and “Mathematics for Social Scientists”.
Instructor: Dr. Robert W. Walker, Washington University in Saint Louis, USA.

Statistics Training

2015-2018: Regular extensive didactics courses at Uppsala University, Sweden.
Academic Teacher Trainer Course
Assessment, Grading and Feedback
Supervising Students for Degree Projects

2010 – 2011: BIGSSS training, Universität Bremen, Germany.
Academic Career Workshop
Demystifying the Journal Review Process
Advanced Academic Writing
Course Design Workshop

Didactic and Academic Skills Training