I am passionate about teaching and sharing my knowledge. I like to see students grow, adopt new practices and develop new skills. There are three main areas that I have taught in: academic writing and skills, research methods and sociology.


Academic Writing and Academic Skills

My experience with academic skills started back in my BA, when I failed my first university essay. I started looking for ways to succeed in academic writing, and went almost blind into the wild.

By the start of my PhD, I was comfortable writing papers, and started teaching BA students an easier path to academic success. But I kept developing my own skills by taking courses, and learning from books, articles, and all the possible information online. I developed my algorithm for writing a research paper, and I have taught it to BA, MA, and PhD students for the past 13 years.


2010-2013: Academic and Professional Skills, Jacobs University Bremen, Bremen, Germany. Coordinator and lecturer.

  • Course “Academic Skills in a Nutshell: an Introduction to Writing an Academic Paper”

  • Workshops twice a year (“Academic Ethics: Do’s and Don’ts of Academic Practice”, “‘Lost In Transition’: from BA to MA”)

  • Students’ level: BA.

2015-2018: Academic writing, Department of Sociology, Uppsala University, Sweden

  • Masters' Seminar every Spring semester

  • Academic Writing workshops 3-5 times a year ("Writing your dissertation", "Literature Review", "Academic English", "Reading for research")

  • Students' level: MA, PhD

2020-present: private consultancy and mentorship

  • One-on-one mentorship in writing journal articles

  • Consultations for researchers

  • Short courses online on academic writing for Russian-speakers ("Academic text in a nutshell", "Planning a research publication", "Writing a research proposal"


Research Methods

I didn't have any proper research methods training until I started my MA at University College London. There I explored the nuances of qualitative methods, and the structure of the quantitative research. From 2007 till 2013 I had an intensive methodological training, which allowed me not only to carry out my own statistical research for my PhD dissertation, but also to teaching the methods to others.


2015-2016: Qualitative Methods for Social Science Research, Department of Sociology, Uppsala University, Sweden.

  • A class of 200 MA students from all social sciences at Uppsala University.

2015-2018: Quantitative Methods in Sociology, Department of Sociology, Uppsala University, Sweden

  • PhD level course on advanced statistics (using SPSS)



I started teaching sociological courses during my PhD, and continued once I started my PostDoc at Uppsala University. Among the main areas were the interaction of sociology and economics in the courses on quality of life, as well as health and medical sociology.


2011: Sociology of Quality of Life, Bremen University, Bremen, Germany. Lecturer. Students’ level: MA

2016-2018: Quality of Life: Theory and Applications, Department of Sociology, Uppsala University, Sweden.

  • Course taught twice a year

  • Students' level: MA

2017-2021: Sociology of Health and Medicine, Department of Sociology, Uppsala University, Sweden.

  • Course taught once a year

  • Students' level: MA